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Andre Tholvel
Andre Tholvel
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ISF Starcracker Empty ISF Starcracker

on Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:32 pm
ISF Starcracker


--The standard scout ship for the Inventory Security Fleet, the Starcracker is a fast, cheap little number with a powerful sensor array meant to provide more data over longer ranges than a typical ship of its size. However, it lacks any serious firepower, stocking only a web of anti-starfighter turrets, eight flak cannons and eight broadside-mounted anti-ship guns to combat any minor threats or cover a retreat from unexpected danger. A fairly small hangar contains room for a few shuttles and a minor starfighter complement.


--Class:                Frigate
--Length:              320 meters
--Engine Units:      *placeholder*
--Warp:                *placeholder*
--Hypderdrive:      *also being held in place*
--Shielding:          *place being held*
--Hull:                 *wow such place very hold wow*
--Sensors:            *Placeholder 3000*
--Complement:      6 fighters, 3 shuttlecraft
--Crew/min:          36/12
--Passengers:        40


--17x Placeholder Anti-Starfighter Turrets
--8x Placeholder Small Anti-ship Railguns
--8x Placeholder Small Flak Cannons


ISF Starcracker Ifs_st10

ISF Starcracker Ifs_st11

ISF Starcracker Ifs_st13

ISF Starcracker Ifs_st12

*stats subject to change, of course, and refer to a standard, unmodified, generic version of the ship

Questions/comments/criticism always welcomed!

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