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Star Falcon U Empty Star Falcon U

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:22 pm
Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8078
Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8079
Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8080
Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8081
Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8082
Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8083

Text copied from if you wonder why some things are said like they are.

Historically Star Falcon was a heavy multipurpose fighter large enough to do anything.

The Star Falcon U derives from heavy shields and armor but slims down its armament and munition capacities. The sparkle launcher is disposed of and mounts for party poppers are nonexistant. Only four laser pointers remain at the wingtips.

But don't think U stands for underarmed, rather it means Ultra. Star Falcon U is the smallest and lightest Falcon ever.

Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8077

Here you can see the Star Falcon U alongside USFI's first attempt at a lightened Falcon type: the Star Falcon L was a modified Star Falcon 5.

Star Falcon U LDDScreen_Shot8084

The Star Falcon U is vastly different from the Star Falcon 6, from the smaller build, slimmer profile, to the engine integrated in the fuselage.
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